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Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2007, mainly focusing on SSD manufacturing and R&D. Through years, we have established solid cooperative relationship with numbers of industrial customers world-widely depending on our professional team since 2008.



In 2011,YANSEN alliance with Taiwan JMicron Technology, concentrate on industrial temperature SSD. Through our unremitting efforts, we finally invented industrial temperature grade SSD special controller, our company became the first manufacturers which has capabilities to research and development industrial temperature level controller in China.


As a high end brand, YANSEN always adhere to focus on technological innovation due to create more value for industry customers. At present, ASpec series have various industrial temperature SSD lines including: SATA, PATA, CF card, CFast, PCI-Express card, DOM etc. In order to satisfy the pursuit of innovation and the numerous demands of different industries, we also provide professional OEM, ODM and other customized solutions.


YANSEN emphasize the quality of product and firmware.YANSEN ssd adopt industrial temperature special materials; using the special controller of industrial temperature SSD, which collocation with original high-end industrial temperature flash of international manufacturers. YANSEN SSD applicable to each kind of harsh working environment,such as extended temperature, high press, strong motion .


The production of YANSEN productsis under strict control, the manufacturing process are according to the national ISO9001:2008 certification system,  each of the products have been rigorously tested, such as: High and low temperature storage testing, temperature shocked, salt spray testing, drop testing, vibration testing, compatibility testing, EMI and EMC testing and other projects. We have 38 kinds of equipment for produce industrial temperature SSD, including: constant temperature and humidity machine, high and low temperature testing, temperature impact, etc. YANSEN products have passed the FCC, CE, RoHS and KC authorized certifications. Our company has build an independent quality management apartment which is responsible for quality of products, and comprehensive test of appearance、performance, to make sure that customer will satisfy our products. We are trying to build an industrial temperature SSD which has high speed and good stability.


YANSEN holds "concentrate in detail, win in quality"as core beliefs to supply accurate,stable,high-performance industrial temperature SSD and customized service program. Also aiming to become the first professional industrial temperature SSD in China.