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Company provide competitive salary and good opportunity to employees, committed to build teamwork culture and harmonious office environment.
Keep improving and create golden values
To provide accurate and professional products is our production commitment, we will provide the best products in any case.

ASpec assimilate advanced technology, provide the most advanced products, and lead the development of storage industry in China.
To grasp advanced technology is one of the focus of our concerned. We must adapt to the rapid change. Our R&D team provide customers professional customization service. 


Devote utmost efforts to research and service 


Innovation and improvement have been deepen in our life, we keep finding solutions to improve our products and process, our customers always get the most advanced products and technology.

Staff of ASpec sincerely consider the solution of each problem with the same position of customer.  
Listening and responding is the basic spirit of the service, also is a positive attitude of us to customers’ problems, persistent communication will help us solving customers’ problems as early as possible.