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YANSEN Advantages

Why Choose Us


Experience promotes the growth of YANSEN. Shenzhen Kingspec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The rich experience has injected strong vitality into the development of YANSEN. The independent production workshop, professional research and development team and professional technology make YANSEN products’ performance more stable, service life longer and after-sales service more perfect!


Concentration achieves ASpec. Shenzhen Kingspec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., since its establishment, has focused on the development of the storage market, and provided a variety of professional SSD solid-state disks for the storage market, to satisfy the demands of the market. Because of concentration, we become better.


Proprietary Production Line and Workshop


 YANSEN  production line and workshop production strictly comply with the military and industrial standards. Strictly control the production process, to ensure that the products conform to the application requirements of industrial control, aerospace, server, national defense and other application equipment. Flexible production is implemented in the workshop, to meet the requirements of customers for delivery time.


Professional R&D Team


YANSEN has 28 professional R&D engineers. R&D personnel are selected strictly, who have professional research and development experience of wide temperature grade SSD, are familiar with the application environment of aviation, industrial control and other equipment, have the understanding of wide temperature grade SSD, and enable to provide customers with professional customization services according to customers’ requirements.


Professional Advanced Production Equipment


YANSEN provides a series of the whole-process test for industrial and military products. The company introduced a large number of advanced foreign production technical equipment, such as: constant temperature and humidity machine, high and low temperature test, temperature impact and other technical equipment, to ensure that the products are high quality and keep good performance in the use.


Powerful R&D Strength and High-quality Original Materials


Cooperating with Taiwan well-known manufacturer JMiron, YANSEN, over three years, developed wide temperature grade SSD special master control, which can be flexibly applied to poor working environment of various industrial and military products, and maintain excellent performance. By adopting high-quality industrial raw materials, ensure that the products are suitable for application in the wide temperature grade industrial equipment.