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Enterprise Vision



Be one of the domestic high-end wide temperature grade SSD manufacturers, and a leader in the field of national industry-controlled storage, and do our best to help the development of the customers.




We pursue innovation, reformation and development, we will always keep a modest attitude for learning to constantly absorb the benefits to develop our products, and on the road of development in the future we will always walk in the forefront of the times, and lead to the development of domestic industrial storage device.




Our team is free-standing self-improvement and strict with themselves. At work, our production target is not only to meet the demands of customers’ expectations, but also exceed customers’ expectations for inspection for each raw material, each handled work, and testing for each finished product.




YANSEN cooperates with our partners, customers and peers to share our success and achievements happily. We hope to step on a new stage together at home and aboard through our efforts.