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Development History

Development History

In 2015

  • April

    YANSEN carried new products to participate in the spring of 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Show
    YANSEN carried new products to participate in the Fourth Shenzhen Embedded Systems Show
    YANSEN launched its first PCI-e 2U wide temperature grade SSD products

  • March

    YANSEN passed South Korea KC certification 

  • February

    YANSEN firstly showed in the Embedded Systems Show in Nuremberg, Germany  

  • January

    Our company formally established ASpec Brand and focused on wide temperature grade SSD development and production 

In 2014

  • December

    Our company cooperated with IQLink, and successfully developed wide temperature grade master control chip 

In 2013

  • July

    A1 and A2 solid state disks were launched on the market 

  • June

    The second generation of PCI-e3.0 appeared 

  • April

    Our company successfully developed A1 and A2 master control plan wide temperature grade SSD solid state disks 

  • February

    All products of the company passed the REACH certification

In 2012

  • November

    The first generation of PCI-e series high-speed solid-state storage products were in mass production

  • August

    Our company participated in the 2012 Industrial Computer and Embedded System
    Our company became one of SATA-IO association members

  • May

    Our company announced PCI-e series high-speed solid-state card launched 

In 2011

  • November

    Our company carried wide temperature grade SSD solid-state disk to participate in the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair

  • October

    The military SSD solid-state disk products were marketed in mass production

In 2007

  • June

    Shenzhen Kingspec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, with one million registered capital.