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Vehicle-mounted System



YANSEN products provide the professional SSD (solid state disk) for vehicle devices such as vehicle monitoring system, vehicle electronics, vehicle terminal and other equipment. The exclusive storage solutions of the vehicle system produced by us are provided with exclusively developed abnormal power-off data protection mechanism inside, as well as the design of low power consumption, which can solve the electric power problems faced by all vehicle systems, and ensure that the products can still keep good performance when they are applied to the vehicle system. Our engineering team carried on thorough research for the vehicle system, and specifically developed vehicle SSD (solid state disk), to make the products to be provided with resistance to strong shock, impact, dust, moisture, high pressure and wide temperature, data privacy and fast data processing capabilities. Our products adopt special data processing model, with automatic error checking and error correction capability, automatic fault forecasting ability, bad block automatically processing capabilities, etc., which effectively provide solutions for vehicle system applications.


Product Features of Vehicle System Exclusive Solutions:

1. Pass the certification of vehicle-mounted electromagnetic interference resistance

2. Exclusively develop power-off data protection mechanism

3. Low power consumption design

4. Temperature sensor and wide temperature specifications

5. Pass the Military Regulations MIL-STD-810F Standard for Precautions against Earthquake and Special Solid Design

6. Coating meets the MIL-I-46058 standard conformal coating to protect storage products

7. Support ARM framework (DRAM)

8. Automatic error checking and error correction capability

9. Fault prediction ability

10. Bad block automatically processing capacity