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Cloud Computing Applications



YANSEN  has server-level SSD (solid state disk) products through the strict test and production in accordance with the industrial control and military industry benchmark. The products are provided with stable, fast reading, rapid response, large memory capacity performance and other characteristics, and can provide more than 24 hours of cruising power for various large cloud applications in the world. YANSEN has a professional R&D team, and the most advanced testing equipment, to ensure that even in the case of storage capacity increases, the storage devices and memory modules still have the ability to perform server-level application. We provide half high type module suitable for 1U server system, low voltage module suitable for low-power consumption server system, high capacity module suitable for high speed and high density server system module and comprehensive product series. Our products adopt data confidential technology inside, which can effectively guarantee the security and confidentiality safety of the enterprise data and prevent data leakage!