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Aerospace and National Defense Applications



YANSEN products are produced in accordance with the industrial control and military industry benchmark, to ensure that the products can maintain good performance under the extreme working environment. The products adopt wide temperature grade SSD special master control carrying original international flash particles, to ensure that the product performance is stable. By adopting the wide temperature grade SSD (solid state disk) raw materials, protect the various accessories in the products, and prolong the service life of SSD (solid state disk). The professional engineering firmware development team adopts special technology to provide tenacious vitality for ASpec, and the products can be flexibly applied in wide temperature, high pressure, low pressure, extremely high temperature, low temperature, strong vibration, moisture, dust and other poor working environment, which conforms to the demanding requirements of the aerospace and national defense applications for the SSD (solid state drive). ASpec has the leading professional data protection technology, to give extremely security to confidential information.