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Industrial embedded systems are widely used, ranging from voice control systems to giant automation machinery and equipment. Diversified applications are the test of storage schemes, which usually require customized products to meet the needs of embedded systems. In embedded applications, stable performance and accurate size are the most basic entry conditions. In addition, to enhance the function and performance of storage products in combination with application requirements is also the way of industrial embedded storage products after all.

Industry Accumulation and Scheme Maturity

Yuancun team has been working in the industry for more than ten years, providing thousands of customers with one-stop storage solutions for Industry and embedded systems. Existing rich solution pools, covering many mature solutions, can meet the diverse needs of customers, regardless of size, system compatibility, or firmware functions and other special needs. Customized adjustments can also be made according to existing schemes, which greatly reduces customer spending on R&D.

Tailor-made, special focus

For the demand of high customization, Yuancun provides special customization service, deeply studies customer's demand, and according to the application characteristics of customer system, tests storage solutions for high temperature, mechanical stress, compatibility, high impact, vibration, already extremely cold and hot, and gives customers one-stop solution and follow-up service support. It is the absolute service purpose of Yuancun Team to strictly abide by the work rules and design, take the customer's needs as its responsibility, and serve every customer with special, dedicated and specialized research.


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