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With the advancement and development of digital age, the wide application of data center and cloud computing, the whole line of social development has entered the era of mobile communication APP explosion. This is a test for system and program service providers, as well as supporting hardware. The requirement of capacity, speed, energy consumption and stability of storage schemes is growing rapidly. For servers and cloud computing applications, the value of data is often greater than the value of storage devices.

High speed, stability and durability

Yuancun team has a special enterprise-level product center, focusing on research and development of enterprise-level products, to serve enterprise-level customers. While maintaining the excellent quality of the original products, enhancing the high-speed transmission and data stability is to maintain a stable reading and writing speed while high-speed throughput data. Special research and development of wear-leveling technology and garbage recycling technology make meta-existence more durable.

Data Protection

Yuancun focuses on providing customers with comprehensive protection of data, a number of customized functions, so that products can meet the diverse needs of customers. End-to-End Data Protection ensures full data connectivity, Firmware Power-Loss Protection detects current changes at firmware level, Power-Loss Protection refuses potential data loss due to power outage, and AES 256/128 bits data encryption, national secrets ensure data privacy. And write protection (WP), read protection (RP), physical destruction (PD), remote one-click destruction and other functions, all-round implementation of data security.

Focus on Compatibility and Services

Compatibility, as an unquantifiable index, has been plagued by many storage schemes. Through the improvement of firmware level and exclusive business confidentiality compatibility testing system, Yuancun enterprise-level R&D team has enhanced product compatibility in all directions. There is no enterprise-level customers to provide special services and support, professional FAE team, mature service system, customer demand is always in the first place.


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