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With the extension of automotive functionality, on-board applications for storage will gradually increase. Storage products on loading and moving terminals not only withstand the test of weather and temperature, but also have stringent requirements in terms of vibration, electromagnetic interference and energy consumption. The space design also needs to conform to the tight design inside the car.

Application of Special Products on Vehicles

The meta-storage team provides professional storage solutions for on-board equipment such as on-board monitoring system, on-board electronics, on-board terminals and so on. Built-in and exclusively developed data protection mechanism for abnormal power outages, combined with low energy consumption design, can solve the power problems faced by all on-board systems. It also ensures that the product still maintains good performance when it is applied to the vehicle system. Through in-depth research on vehicle system equipment by the engineering research team, the SSD solid-state hard disk products designed and manufactured by Yuancun have the capabilities of strong shock proof, impact proof, dust proof, moisture proof, high pressure resistance, wide temperature, data confidentiality and fast data processing. In addition, meta-storage products also have the capabilities of automatic error detection and correction, fault prediction and automatic bad block handling, which effectively provide trustworthy storage solutions for vehicle system applications.

Customization and exclusive storage

In order to adapt to the complex design of the vehicle interior, as well as the unique system. The meta-storage R&D team provides customized service for vehicle storage solutions, professional R&D team, full-line storage interface types, and one-stop storage solutions for customers.


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