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Notification about Upgrading on Brand Name and Changing Series Name

Date:2016-11-16 16:10

To our respectable users and partners:
  Combining with company middle and long-term development needs, to improve brand image and perfect the product line of YANSEN further more, We now notify officially the brand name “Aspec” will upgrade to “YANSEN” from 1th, Nov. 2016. In the same time Kingspec will provide wide temperature SSD with new logo for market both domestic and overseas.
  New logo pic as below:


   To help users and partners recognize our logo, Kingspec will use new logo “YANSEN” for all marketing promotion, including posters, leaflets, packing, shells, labels, ect. During this changing period, the original logo “Aspec” will be kept meanwhile, it will not affect using for all users and partners.

                    YANSEN Old Shell                                       YANSEN New Shell

  Meantime, for the convenience of users and partners to find and understand, to remember and recognize our wide temperature products more clearly, all products of YANSEN will be renamed, it is named as Primary Serie(0~70℃), Enhance Serie(-20℃~+75℃), Extreme Serie(-40℃~+85℃) and Marvel Serie(-55℃~+105℃), distinguished by different working temperature.

   YANSEN will always keep innovating on wide temperature field to provide professional, safe and stable SSD solution for all users. Finally, Kingspec is grateful for all new and old user’s long-term support and care for so many years.


Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd                     
1th, November, 2016                                       



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