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PCI-e series high-speed solid-state memory cards are the high-end solid storage products developed for various high speed and high I/O applications. Through a series of industry leading software and hardware technology, PCI-e series solid-state storage accelerator cards are not only provided with high speed and high I/O capability, but also can realize automatic classification for hot and cold data, to improve your system performance and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). PCI-e high-speed solid-state memory cards provide enterprise-level application needed for various high throughput and IOPS such as high-end servers, professional high-end video equipment with the best solution.

Commodity Figure Model Name Interface Flash Type Compare
  P3000XXXX(Enhance) PCI-e 2U 3.0 MLC Contrast
  P2000XXXX(Enhance) PCI-e 3U 3.0 MLC Contrast
  P5000XXXX(Enhance) PCI-e 3U 2.0 MLC Contrast

Product Comparison