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SATA series uses standard SATAIII interface, and is specially researched and developed for various SATA interface equipments. It is provided with dedicated main control for wide temperature SSD, which has been researched and developed for three years. With original flash memory from worldwide manufacturers, with high performance, high stability, high security and reliability, etc. The SATA series emphasizes the security, reliability, and high efficiency of products subject to the strict production and test process as well as the production and operation process in the industry, such as the high-/low-temperature storage test, temperature shock, and slat spray test. Each product is produced in connection with a strict production monitoring process to ensure that it meets the requirements of operating industrial and military products and equipments.

Commodity Figure Model Name Interface Flash Type Compare
  M600EXXXX(Enhance) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  M600EXXXX(Extreme) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  M600EXXXX(Primary) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  M600KXXXX(Enhance) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  M600KXXXX(Extreme) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  M600KXXXX(Primary) mSATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  S600EXXXX(Enhance) SATA III 6Gb/s MLC/SLC Contrast
  S600EXXXX(Extreme) SATA III MLC/SLC Contrast

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