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Disk On Module is a high performance, embedded flash drive designed to replace the traditional mechanical hard disk. By adopting special metal solid shell, onboard components are adapt to high temperature, high pressure, humidity and other demanding complex environment; DOM electronic hard disk adopts small control chip management firmware, and through the standard IDE, SATA, USB and other interface to transfer data, there is no additional host software needed, and the DOM electronic hard disk can be flexibly and conveniently used; DOM electronic hard disk supports the standard ATA/IDE protocol, and is compatible with all mainstream operating systems on the market, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac operating system, Unix version, etc.

Commodity Figure Model Name Interface Flash Type Compare
  44VXXXX(Enhance series) IDE DOM MLC/SLC Contrast
  SDVXXXX(Enhance series) SATA MLC/SLC Contrast
  UDHXXXX(Enhance series) USB2.0 MLC/SLC Contrast

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