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1. Rights and Liabilities
1.1 Warranty only for our products purchased via the regular sales channels;
1.2 Warranty for the products within the warranty period in accordance with the national policy of Three Guarantees;
1.3 Article 5 in the Warranty Regulations does not apply to this warranty;
1.4 ODM and OEM products are not within the scope of the warranty;
1.5 After consultation with the customers, other signed warranty contract or regulations, shall not apply to this warranty;


2. Purpose
In order to better serve customers, and improve customers’ satisfaction for after-sales service of the company's products;


3. Scope
3.1 The warranty service regulations only for our products purchased via the regular sales channels;
3.2 Warranty Period
3.2.1 SLC Product warranty for five years
3.2.2 MLC Product warranty for three years


4. Procedures
4.1 Ways of sending to repair
4.1.1 All fault products required for maintenance can be sent to the local authorized agents or distributors for return to factory for maintenance;
4.1.2 If you couldn't reach the local agent or distributor, please call service telephone number 4007799711;


5. Out of the Warranty Scope
5.1 Product damage caused by man-made or improper use;
5.2 Products tamper label damage or change;
5.3 The environment used in special data storage causes early termination of the flash memory life;
5.4 The damage caused by the products being used in research and development or professional test and destructive test;
5.5 The products are repaired and opened without the approval of the company’s authorized technical personnel


Note: The final explanation right of this Warranty Regulations is reserved by Shenzhen Kingspec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.