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2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

YANSEN is a wide-temperature SSD brand under Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2007 and has been devoted to the development and production of SSD since 2008, and has established friendly cooperative relations with many research institutes and institutions. YANSEN brand began to focus on wide-temperature and enterprise-level SSDs in 2014 and has been consistently praised in the industrial storage fields.

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

YANSEN Industrial Grade SSD owns two series:

Enhance series:  -20°C—75°C

Extreme series:  -40°C—85°C

The YANSEN product line covers a full range of wide temperature SSDs such as SATA, PATA, PCIe, CF/ CFast card, and DOM, which also support OEM, ODM and other customized solutions.

YANSEN products use wide-temperature raw materials, not only NAND and controller but also other electronics components. All YANSEN SSDs are suitable for rugged working environments such as wide temperature, high pressure, strong vibration, etc.


2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

Application | Automation | Transportation | IoT | Surveillances | Medical | Finance | Server

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

Customized Function | Power Loss Protection | Secure Esrase| Physical Destruction| Write Protection| AES Data Encryption

2021 YANSEN All Series Product Display

 Power of KingSpec 

Professional R&D Team

R & D team has more than 10 years of storage solution R&D experience, focusing on different enterprise client needs to provide specific suitable solutions for all partners. KingSpec obtained a number of product invention patents and utility model patents.

Advanced Production Lines

KingSpec provides precise and effective services for customers based on the quality culture consisting of the brand, quality, compliance, and value factors.

Customized Service

Committed to providing more competitive storage solutions according to the needs of end users, functions including wide temperature, encryption, destruction, appearance design, and other OEM & ODM services.

Strict Quality Control

The whole series of products have undergone a number of stringent tests, including performance, compatibility, stability, wide temperature, humidity, and shock resistance tests. From design and evaluation, to mass production to post-sale, each stage will be under strict quality inspections.

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