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YANSEN’s Self-developed Automated Storage Testing Equipment: A New Dawn for SSD Production Efficiency


Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology, which owns the industrial storage brand YANSEN has unveiled their new Automated Storage Testing Equipment, the ZS101. This industry-leading advancement aims to revolutionize the SSD production process by optimizing testing procedures, boosting efficiency, and guaranteeing consistent quality.

Meeting Market Demand

In the year 2023, YANSEN witnessed a notable escalation in sales. This accomplishment can be ascribed to YANSEN’s dedication to product quality and service. Throughout the past year, YANSEN’s products have been sold to overseas countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, India, Korean, Spain, etc., and have garnered extensive acclaim within the global market. As the market demand continues to expand, YANSEN and KingSpec Electronics acknowledge the exigency to enhance production efficiency while simultaneously maintaining unwavering quality. Hence, we are proud to introduce the ZS101.

The new equipment comprehensively supports the mainstream SSD main control schemes available in the market and will continuously incorporate additional SSD controller IC models to meet the latest testing requirements. Furthermore, for specialized main control schemes, the company offers collaborative development and technical support.

ZS101: A Versatile Testing Solution

1. Consolidate various tests

The ZS101 significantly simplifies the testing process and enhances production efficiency by enabling multiple tests to be conducted on a single equipment. Essential tests such as firmware burning, reliability demonstration testing (RDT), and burn-in testing (BIT) can all be performed using the ZS101. This integration reduces manufacturing costs a and shortens the product market cycle for enterprises while ensuring consistent quality across batches.

2. Synchronized Multi-Unit Testing

The ZS101 supports 2.5-inch SATA, M.2 SATA, and M.2 NVMe interfaces, and is capable of testing up to 600 SATA SSDs or 480 M.2 NVMe SSDs in a single test cycle, thereby significantly reducing test time and costs. Additionally, ZS101 offers customizable high-temperature division control to accommodate stability testing in various temperature environments, simulating more complex working conditions.

This equipment allows users to set and control the temperature of different compartments according to their needs, enabling reliability testing under various temperature conditions. The equipment interface is designed to support testing of different signal protocols on the front and back sides: SATA protocol SSDs can be tested on the front side, while PCIe protocol M.2 NVMe SSDs can be tested on the back side. This design significantly reduces testing equipment costs and improves switching efficiency. Additionally, the yield rates in production testing are enhanced because the signal crosstalk issues are minimized by the separate design of transmission protocols.

The ZS101 has played a pivotal role in helping YANSEN achieve significant accomplishments in performance evaluation and quality assurance of its products.

3. Trackable Test Records

In addition, the desktop software’s automated tracking technology enables the system to one-click on/off for 60 hosts. It displays the status of the current SSD under test in different colors. 

K1, K2, and K3 production settings are integrated into the self-designed software system, facilitating mass production with “one-click” power control to prevent quality issues stemming from setting errors. Additionally, the desktop software features automated tracking technology, allowing for the simultaneous on/off control of 60 hosts with a single click. It displays the status of the current SSD under test using different color indicators.

The test data for each SSD can be traced by the centralized storage function. Test logs and reports can be generated automatically, which enables visual tracking and management of test data.

4. Multi-controller Solution Support

Controller solutions such as MAXIO, REALTEK, PHISON, InnoGrit, SMI, and YEESTOR are supported by ZS101, which enables ZS101 to meet various production scenarios and improve production efficiency greatly.

ZS101: Assisting Enterprises in Attaining New Heights

KingSpec Electronics has independently designed and developed the ZS101 Storage Automated Testing Equipment, known as ZS101, obtaining multiple scientific invention patents that highlight advanced technology and high reliability. Utilizing optimized testing processes and self-developed software, ZS101 integrates multiple tests, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability. The introduction of the ZS101 represents a revolutionary innovation in the SSD production industry, enabling YANSEN to significantly enhance SSD production efficiency, reduce time and manual costs, ensure product quality, and improve core competitiveness.

KingSpec Electronics’ ZS101 is now marketed, accepting orders from manufacturers all over the world. YANSEN welcomes enterprises to contact us for further details about the ZS101 and to assist them in enhancing their competitiveness comprehensively and achieving new heights.

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