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With the digitization process, China's national defense and aerospace industry is developing rapidly. In the field of aerospace and national defense, the sensitivity to the integrity and security of digital transmission and storage has gradually increased. As a cutting-edge application field of digital storage, aerospace and national defense have very high requirements for data operation and storage. Most applications are exposed to extreme application environments, and data confidentiality and criticality are extremely high. This requires storage products for data storage and transmission of each link to achieve the highest level of rigor, as well as in the face of problems, efficient and professional after-sales technical support team.

Extreme Environment, Extreme Performance

Yuancun independently develops master firmware for stable performance of storage devices in extreme environments. Combining the complete test flow and test line of metamemory, the extreme application scenario is highly simulated and restored. In addition, strict control and screening are carried out for every link of project design and product production. Leading technological achievements combined with rigorous verification process not only show the enthusiasm of Yuancun people for science and products, but also endow Yuancun products with tenacious vitality, so that Yuancun products can be flexibly and freely applied in extreme high temperature, extremely low temperature, high pressure, bottom pressure, strong vibration, humidity, high dust, strong electromagnetic interference and other harsh working environments.

Ensuring Data Security in An All-round Way

For storage applications in the field of aviation and defense, metastorage is well aware of the importance of data security for customers. Meta-storage team deeply excavates technical resources. Besides balanced writing and intelligent error correction mechanism, the product also has a variety of customized functions to enhance data security, including: Power Lost Protection, Security Erase, End to End Data Protection, Physical Destroy, Write Protect. Actions, Read Protection, etc. At the data encryption end, meta-storage products support AES-128/256 encryption mechanism and state-secret encryption to prevent important data leakage from losing to the state and individuals.

Yuancun's "core" of China

In order to fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches on strengthening key core technology tackling, Yuancun insists on working silently and contributing to the localization of storage schemes. Now, we have cooperated with many domestic solid-state hard disk master schemes, jointly developed several solid-state hard disk products combined with domestic Master schemes (China's "core"). The vigorous development of science and technology in the motherland is the best vision in the hearts of every "Yuan Cunren".


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