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Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Components Experts
1. SAW/BAW filter design or process to guide mass production
2. Duplex and Multiplexer Design
3. Leading Research Innovation, Key IP Layout and Verification
Job requirements
Business Skills Requirements:
The following skills and experience are preferred:
1. Be proficient in one or more aspects of SAW or BAW device design, process and simulation tool development.
2. Good English skills.
Professional knowledge requirements:
1. Proficiency in SAW/BAW resonators, basic principles of filters and piezoelectric materials.
2. Be proficient in one or more aspects of SAW or BAW device design, process and simulation tool development.
3. Strong interest in new technology development.
Senior Engineer of Structural Engineering
1. According to the company's overall development goals and product evolution trends, and combined with the development direction of high-precision manufacturing technology in the industry, formulate technical roadmap and planning in the field of plastic precision manufacturing;
2. Participate in the research and development of the company's next generation products (including, but not limited to, optical connectors, high-precision communication products, high-precision terminal products), formulate analytical methods and measures to solve related technical problems in product development process;
3. Identify and organize the technology research related to high-precision plastic manufacturing (including but not limited to high-precision forming materials, moulds, processing, testing and related forming processes);
4. Be responsible for the design review of high-precision technology research and products, identify and solve key problems in technology research and product application.
5. Promote the technological competitiveness of the company's high-precision manufacturing, promote technology landing and create value, and form technological breakpoints;
6. Coordinating with the surrounding departments to promote the work related to high-precision manufacturing technology, refreshing and maintaining the design and manufacturing baseline of precision structures.
Job requirements
Business Skills Requirements:
1. Familiar with international standards, national standards, design processes and specifications related to precision mechanical design/die design/material process, etc.
2. Familiar with mechanical design/die design/material process design and related properties of raw materials, familiar with product environment and reliability test specifications.
3. Proficiency in 3D and 2D software, such as Proe, AutoCAD, etc.
4. The CAE direction needs to be skilled in simulation related software.
Professional knowledge requirements:
1. Proficiency in high-precision communication products, terminal high-precision, terminal glass, optical simulation, polymer materials, structural design, precision design, processing, production process, etc.
2. Familiar with high-precision communication products, terminal high-precision, terminal glass, optical simulation, polymer materials, structural design, familiar with materials, design, processing, forming technology, etc.
Responsibility description:
1. Understand the chip features to propose, collect and archive the firmware requirements with system architecture and other cross-functional teams.
2. Design, implement and verify the firmware functional modules/drivers based on the requirements and chip features.
3. Write technical documents.
4. Support both internal stakeholders and external customers.
1. Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related fields.
2.3 + years of experience with C programming.
3. Experienced with all phases of embedded firmware development in platform independent environments.
4. Experienced on software/driver development with/without RTOS.
5. Software development methodologies and quality control processes.
6. Hands on experience with various MCU cores and peripherals.
7. Debug skills with tools such as JTAG/serial debugger, protocol analyzer and oscilloscopes.
8. Capable of working on multiple projects in a deadline driven environment
9. Ability to write detailed and clear microarchitecture documentation
10. Familiar with CAN diagnosis is a strong plus.
11. Familiar with RF technologies is a plus.
12. Familiar with ARC processor architecture is a plus.
FAE Field Application Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Cooperate with sales staff to provide technical explanations and product demonstrations of projects/solutions for customers.
2. Responsible for product installation, debugging and maintenance; Support customer technical services before, during and after sales;
3. Provide internal technical support, training and customer training;
4. Prepare, revise and review technical support related documents and work instructions;
5. Responsible for the maintenance of the relationship between the company and the technical personnel of the customer units;
6. Cooperate with the completion of project implementation and acceptance.


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