Application of YANSEN Industrial SSD in Rail Transit PIS System

Application of YANSEN Industrial SSD in Rail Transit PIS System

2021-12-13 16:49

Rail transit refers to a type of vehicle or transportation system that requires operating vehicles to travel on specific tracks. The most typical rail transit is a railway system composed of traditional trains and standard railways. Among them, urban rail transit refers to a transportation mode which has the characteristics of large capacity, fast speed, safety, punctuality, environmental protection, energy saving and land saving, including subway, light rail, maglev, fast rail, Tram, new transportation system, etc. How is YANSEN industrial SSD applied to these vehicles?

First of all, let’s learn the main systems of rail transit, such as PIS, AFC, PSD, PA, CCTV, etc. This article will introduce the application of YANSEN industrial SSD in PIS system in detail. PIS is the information system for passengers. The information system for passengers on the whole line is mainly used to provide information services to passengers, and it can also display passengers evacuation information in case of emergency situations, such as, subway ticket vending machines, airport flights display plates, high-speed railway station display plates, etc.

PIS topology diagram

It is understood that the PIS central control system usually uses Windows 10, Linux systems, and the storage hard disk applies industrial-grade M.2 SATA solid state drives, or 3.5-inch/2.5-inch HDD. Working temperature -40℃~+70℃, storage temperature -40℃~+85℃, capacity range for M.2 SATA (YSN600T series) is 8GB-256GB, supporting static and dynamic wear balance algorithm, supporting power management and intelligent management technology, full-speed command queue function, supporting TRIM, error checking and correction mechanism. There are extensible functions: secure erase, write protection, power loss function to ensure the security and stability of PIS system data.

Airport Flight

High Speed Rail Station

High Speed Rail Station

In fact, the application environment of SSDs in rail transit is often harsh and extremely demanding, the vibration of vibration-resistant rail transit has almost become the number one killer of mechanical hard drives. Even if we adopt various shock absorption measures, it is almost impossible to fundamentally eliminate the impact of vibration on hard drives. However, YANSEN industrial-grade SSD series products can meet the requirements of harsh environments such as wide temperature, power failure protection, and vibration resistance. It is expected that YANSEN will be more used in various environmental equipment of rail transit to protect the rail transit industry. For more industrial product solutions, please visit our official website at We are looking forward to your visit!


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