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Specifications About YANSEN Industrial SSD

Specifications About YANSEN Industrial SSD

Power Loss Protection (PLP)

When the power supply is unexpectedly disconnected, the voltage will begin to drop, When the voltage drops to 3V/4V, SSD will use its own backup capacitor for discharge to maintain the data on the written link.

End To End

Data Protection.

AES Encryption

Compared with software encryption, hardware AES encryption provides better data protection and efficiency for the applications that process more sensitive data or need to improve the data security. Support AES128/256 and ATA security Password.

Stable Enterprise SSD

The server often works long time and ensures the stability of the data.


YANSEN Industrial SSD: The Right Choice For Your Benifits

Maximum Ruggedness

Extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks, or other environmental threats are no problem for YANSEN Industrial SSD.

True Industrial Performance

Due to Yansen’s advanced technologies, top performance is maintained even over time.

Customized for Industrial Solutions

Known that each industrial application is unique. That's why Yansen offers extensive hardware and firmware customization options, bringing out the best of every industrial solutions.

Low Latency

For data center and enterprise user.

High Durability And High Reliability

Data Security in various applications, such as AIoT, Server, Medical etc.

FAQs Related To YANSEN Industrial SSD

Does YANSEN industrial temp SSD support to work under extreme environment?

Sure, our YANSEN wide temperature range SSD supports wide operating temp., the range is -20~75℃ and -40~85℃, besides, it also supports Conformal Coating, Power Loss Protection, AES Encryption, Secure Erase, etc, users can choose the function they need correspondingly.

What's the material YANSEN industrial SATA SSDs use? such as controller , NAND brand?
What kind of tests will be done on YANSEN industrial solid state drive?
What's the lead time of common industrial orders?


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