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Use SSD for Surveillance

From international public security to the public's emphasis on personal and family security facilities, security monitoring and SSD drive for surveillance have gradually become an indispensable demand in people's lives.

Use SSD for Surveillance

Advantages of Industrial and Enterprise SSD In Surveillance

The other major driving forces that promote the development of the security monitoring industry like fingerprint, portrait recognition, license plate recognition, object tracking, behavior judgment, etc., are important topics of monitoring intelligence.

Future Development of Industrial and Enterprise SSD In Surveillance

Yansen SSD for surveillance supports wide temperature technology to ensure normal operation in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C, such as automated production process monitoring and high-altitude weather monitoring equipment in high-temperature factory environments.

SSD for Surveillance FAQs

Where do SSDs fit with security and surveillance systems?

A solid-state drive plays a crucial role in security and surveillance systems by providing fast and reliable storage for video footage, ensuring quick access, data integrity, and efficient retrieval for security analysis.

What to consider before choosing an SSD for NVR?

Before choosing an SSD in NVR (Network Video Recorder), consider factors such as capacity, endurance, read-write speeds, compatibility with the NVR system, and the specific requirements of the surveillance workload.

Is SSD good for video surveillance?

Yes, SSD (Solid State Drive) is good for video surveillance. Surveillance SSD hard drive provides faster data access, higher reliability, and better endurance compared to traditional hard disk drives, making it ideal for storing and retrieving surveillance footage.

Should I use an SSD for both recording and playback in a surveillance system?

While an SSD drive for surveillance can provide faster access for both recording and playback, it may be more cost-effective to use an SSD for recording and a traditional hard drive for long-term storage. This allows for a balance between speed and capacity.

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