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Power Loss Protection(PLP)

Input voltage value through GPIO testing. When the voltage value drops to the set threshold, the power fail safeguard is triggered, and the cached data is written back to the NAND flash. No external read and write commands are accepted during the data write-back process. After the write-back is completed, the input voltage value is detected again through GPIO. If the input voltage value returns to the set threshold value, the SSD will restart and re-establish the connection with the host. If the input voltage value is still lower than the set threshold value, it will continue to monitor until all the backup capacitors on the SSD are discharged.

Hardware Write Protection

Write-protect the SSD by turning on the write-protect switch, The data in the solid-state drive can be read, but cannot be written or modified, which is to keep your data safe, avoid external factors (such as viruses) from corrupting data, causing system crashes, downtime, and etc.

Physical Destruction

Trigger the solid-state drive destruction function by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. The solid-state drive will erase the data by itself, and fill in "0" to cover the entire disk, so as to avoid the data that has been erased from being restored.

AES Encryption

Compared with software encryption, hardware AES encryption provides better data protection and efficiency for applications that process more sensitive data or need to improve data security.

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