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What Are the Misconceptions About Solid State Drives?

Understanding Solid State Drive (SSD)

The storage medium of solid state drives (SSDs) can be divided into two types, one uses flash memory chips as the storage medium, and the other uses DRAM as the storage medium. Currently, they are widely used in fields such as military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, electric power, medical, aviation, and navigation equipment. As technology continues to advance, costs keep decreasing. SSDs have become an indispensable hardware product in the DIY market, and they are also the preferred hard drive for many industries. Due to the different technology of SSDs compared to traditional hard drives, many emerging storage manufacturers have emerged. The interface of SSDs has gradually advanced from IDE and SATA to PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0.

Misunderstandings of Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Previously, in the SSD Tieba (forum), I saw many replies from users and found that many people think that SSDs only improve boot speed. Today, let's take a detailed look at SSDs and dispel some misconceptions.

Solid state drive SSD only improves boot speed?

It is true that faster boot speeds are the most visible improvement of solid state SSDs, but it is not the only benefit. The advantages of SSDs cannot be specifically quantified. The fluency of software, loading speed of program, and file copying speed are all strengths of SSDs. If there are countless small files, the efficiency of SSDs can even be hundreds of times that of HDDs.

Why do many people choose HDD with larger memory instead of solid state SSD of equal price?

Apparently, larger memory looks more practical. In fact, not just games, any program that loads from the hard drive can benefit from SSDs. SSDs composed of controllers + flash memory avoid the card lag and freezing phenomenon of HDDs, greatly affecting the comfort of experience. If you don't have an extreme need for memory, SSDs are still superior. If your budget is sufficient, SSD+HDD is even better.

Is upgrading solid state SSD not as good as upgrading graphics card memory?

Although the cost-effectiveness of SSDs is not as good as HDDs, upgrading to an SSD for a few hundred yuan is more effective than replacing a thousand-yuan processor or graphics card.

What do SSDs and HDDs need to pay attention to?

Both solid state SSDs and HDDs need to be aware of: avoiding power outages during read and write operations, maintaining a good environment, preventing vibration, reducing frequent operations, using time properly, solid state SSD does not require regular defragmentation, stable power supply, and no forced shutdown.

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