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End-to-end Data Protection

End-to-end data protection ensures complete safeguarding of data from the Host to the internal SSD. It begins with the Host generating Protection Information (PI) which acts as a comprehensive shield along the entire data path. During data generation, this Protection Information is embedded as metadata, traveling alongside user data throughout the transmission process. Its presence enables continuous verification, effectively reducing the risk of silent errors going undetected.

To further enhance the reliability of the end-to-end data transmission, advanced error correction techniques like BCH, LDPC, and Die-level RAID5 come into play. These techniques work in tandem to identify and rectify any erroneous data that may be encountered during the data transfer, thereby fortifying the overall integrity of the process.

In summary, End-to-end data protection is a robust system that employs Protection Information and error correction techniques to secure data as it moves from the Host to the internal SSD, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the transmission journey.

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