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YANSEN – A Leading Industrial SSD Manufacturer and Memory Solution Provider

YANSEN is your trusted SSD manufacturer, offering cutting-edge industrial grade storage solutions with reliable and stable Industrial SSDs, DRAM modules, and embedded flash that are designed and optimized for various industries.


YANSEN’s Industrial SSDs, DRAM modules, and embedded flash feature cutting-edge technologies for diverse mission-critical applications, ensuring faster data access, extended lifespan, enhanced reliability, and improved security. 


One-stop solution

YANSEN's Industrial SSDs, DRAM modules, and embedded flash undergo hardware design, firmware development, and manufacturing, all within a single facility.

Rugged Products

· Industrial Grade: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments.
· Wide Temperature Range: Capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions.
· Shock & Vibration Tested: Ensured to perform reliably under harsh impacts and vibrations.
·Enhanced Testing: Rigorously tested and tailored to meet specific requirements.

Fixed BOM

With YANSEN's locked BOM approach, we ensure our products’ stability and consistency. In case of necessary changes, our Product Change Notification system will assist our customers in a seamless transition.

Turning Imagination into solutions

As a top-notch dram module & SSD manufacturer in the industry, YANSEN's engineers are prepared to address any challenge. We transform your ideas into tailored products using cutting-edge SSD technologies, even in diverse and extreme application environments.

100% effort for clients

YANSEN team always go the extra mile to assist your success. Our commitment to tailored storage solutions, proactive approaches, and lasting partnerships drives us to grow together.

Technical Support

YANSEN's team collaborates closely with our clients, delivering prime pre-sales and after-sales technical support. Our persistent commitment fortifies your confidence in our products and services.


Contact Us

Feel free to reach out and we’ll respond promptly.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out and we’ll respond promptly.

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