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FAQs of Industrial Embedded SSD

Endurance is important in production automation SSDs because industrial process often involve continuous and heavy workloads, including frequent data logging and read/write operations. Industrial SSDs with higher endurance ratings can handle these demanding workloads without compromising performance or risking premature failure due to excessive data writes.

Regular SSDs can be used in production automation systems with less demanding requirements or in non-critical applications. However, they may not provide the same level of reliability, durability, endurance, and power loss protection as industrial-grade SSDs. It’s important to assess the specific needs and workload of your production automation system to determine the most suitable SSD option.

When choosing an SSD for automation systems, factors such as endurance, data retention, temperature tolerance, and compatibility with existing hardware and software should be carefully evaluated.

Industrial-grade SSDs with features such as Firmware Power Loss Protection, advanced error correction, and high endurance are recommended for automation applications to ensure data integrity and system reliability.

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