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Firmware Power Loss Protection

Firmware Power Loss Protection is a multi-layered technology that ensures data integrity in the face of sudden power failures. It consists of two main components: Internal Mapping Table Protection and User Data Protection.

Internal Mapping Table Protection involves maintaining a complete backup of each mapping table in the flash memory. These tables are updated using a dual table approach, where two tables are alternately used for updates. In the event of a sudden power failure that damages one table, the other table retains the previous state, enabling restoration during the next power-on.

For User Data Protection, timely data writes occur in the buffer area to the flash memory. Whenever new user data is written, it is always stored on a new flash page, even if their logical addresses are the same. Additionally, before each data write, the data state is backed up to another page. If a power failure occurs during the last data write and results in errors or data loss, the previously backed up flash page can be used to restore the past data state during the next power-on.

In essence, Firmware Power Loss Protection provides a comprehensive defense against data loss or corruption during unexpected power outages. It safeguards both the mapping tables and user data, ensuring the integrity of critical information stored in the system’s flash memory.

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