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Wear Leveling

Wear Leveling is a widely used flash management technique that ensures data is evenly written to all blocks on a Flash device, preventing overuse of specific blocks and enhancing the device’s endurance and stability.

How Wear Leveling Works:

The controller tracks erase counts of each block and directs new data to blocks with the lowest erase count. This ensures a more balanced write distribution, reducing overwrites and prolonging the device’s lifespan.

Types of Wear Leveling:

Dynamic Wear Leveling: Considers available space and directs writes to blocks with lower erase counts within that space.

Static Wear Leveling: Considers a single Flash chip unit, moving data from blocks with lower erase counts to other blocks to free up low-erase-count blocks for reuse.

Global Wear Leveling: Uses a more powerful controller, extending its scope to the entire device, directing writes to blocks with lower erase counts across the entire device.


Wear Leveling averages write actions across the device, extending its lifespan. It is a vital technique in Flash products, and YANSEN’s Flash product lineup supports Wear Leveling to ensure endurance and reliability.

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