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Exhibition Review || YANSEN CES 2024 Trip Ended Successfully

With over 135,000 individuals gathering from 150 countries, the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2024 came to a beautiful end. At this annual event packed with tech experts, many industry leaders and emerging forces reveal their latest innovations. Every product was fascinating enough to attract the audience’s attention. However, what was more attractive was the participation of YANSEN as we introduced our marvelous line of industrial SSDs that caught the spotlight. To know more about the YANSEN product reveal and tech advancements, let’s discuss it in detail below.

YANSEN Technology

Detailed Exploration of YANSEN’s Industrial SSDs

The CES 2024 remained highly successful in producing an impressive demonstration of the solid-state drive technology. With YANSEN’s presence as an SSD solution provider, the event reached new heights of tech. Let’s uncover the specific industrial SSD models YANSEN showcased at CES 2024.

1. YSITXXX-P330 2280

The first product under the M.2 SATA category is YSITXXX-P330 2280. It features high-speed data transfer and offers storage capacities from a minimum of 128 GB to a maximum of 2 TB. With this huge range of data storage capacity, it provides reliable storage solutions.

The best thing is that the YANSEN m.2 SATA SSD has essential features like NCQ (Native Command Queuing),  SMART, and Wear Leveling. These technologies enhance the performance and endurance of this industrial SSD so you can get better data solutions. Considering this product’s unwavering reliability and durability, techies call it an ideal choice for diverse computing environments.


Another robust solid-state industrial SSD specifically designed to craft various storage applications is the m.SATA YSIMXXX-P330. This mSATA reads up to 560MB/s and writes sequentially at 550 MB/s, offering impressive data transfer speed to ease the users.

Moreover, this industrial SSD is compatible with various devices and ensures seamless integration. Whether you have a Mini PC, a POS Machine or an IPC, you can use this disk to a wide array of devices. Its compact size and stable performance make it an ideal option for many use cases.



Here comes the product that made a groundbreaking appearance at the CES 2024 exhibition. The YSISXXX-P330, with a maximum capacity of 2 TB, is by far the best industrial SSD to solve your critical data needs. Using 3D TLC NAND technology, it achieves remarkable read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and writes speeds of 550 MB/s. This way, it promises efficient and reliable data management to the users.

The distinguishing feature of this industrial SSD is its operational temperature range, which spans from 0℃ to 70℃. This temperature tolerance is within the standard range for such products, ensuring reliable performance under typical environmental conditions.



Having introduced innovative industrial SSD products, YANSEN has had a remarkable presence at the CES 2024 exhibition. We emphasized enhancing the industrial sector by providing robust data solutions. Moreover, the reliability and resilience of its products ensure you get solutions to all your storage issues. Here is a recap of YANSEN’s offerings and key features:

1. Fixed BOM: Our fixed Bill of Materials ensures stable pricing and consistent quality across all our SSD products, guaranteeing transparency and reliability for customers.

2. Consistent and Reliable Material Resources: We rely on trusted suppliers and stringent quality control to maintain consistency and reliability in its SSD production.

3. Multiple SSD Solutions for Different Use Cases: We offer various SSD solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.

4. Rigorous Test: We subject each SSD to thorough testing, meeting industry standards and exceeding expectations for durability and functionality.

5. Customizable Functions: Our SSDs enable users to tailor their storage solutions to precise requirements, enhancing adaptability and usability.

YANSEN’s Vision

Like the CES 2024, YANSEN aims to promote industrial SSD technology in various other platforms so innovations can increase in the market. Our purpose is to ensure a seamless data flow even in the most demanding industrial environments.

The tech industry will soon see a massive update regarding storage solutions and data integrity. With endurance and resilience, YANSEN is set to make new trends in long-term storage security and development. Thus, you’ll see super cool inventions in the next CES event.

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