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YANSEN’s Success at Embedded World 2024: A Recap

Running from April 9 to 11, Embedded World 2024 has opened the prelude to top technology exchanges in the storage industry in Nuremberg, Germany. This exhibition serves as a global platform for embedded technologies, leading companies in the industry and professionals from all over the world gather here to exchange and share cutting-edge technologies. Invaluable insights and ideas of the embedded systems arrive here, from hardware and software to services and tools.

As a leading provider of storage solutions, Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has also visited Germany for the Embedded World this year after 2023. As the industrial-grade storage brand YANSEN under the company, our professional team has also brought the latest products and cutting-edge solutions to Booth 1-127 in Hall 1. During the three-day exhibition, the YANSEN team welcomed a large number of customers with professional knowledge and a dedicated attitude, providing diverse customized solutions, and engaging in friendly exchanges with peers on industry trends, and product technology.

YANSEN continued to conduct technical research and development, launch new products, and iterate and upgrade existing products. At this time, YANSEN has made its debut with a more comprehensive product line in EW24. This year, YANSEN has made progress in industrial, enterprise, and embedded storage solutions. With the application of technologies such as wide temperature support, power loss protection, thermal throttling, AES encryption, conformal coating, and quick erase, YANSEN’s products show great performance regarding stability, reliability, and compatibility.

Exhibition Highlight

With the rapid development of the smart vehicle industry, in addition to products with strong applicability, YANSEN has also launched professional storage products suitable for fields such as in-vehicle, rail transit, and surveillance this year.

2.5” Enterprise SSD

This series designed for enterprise-class adopts a high-performance SATA controller chip and is equipped with DDR4 and 3D TLC NAND flash memory chip. To conquer the special environment needs of enterprise grade, the firmware of this series optimizes TLC direct writing and intelligent software. Which enables it to operate between 0°C to 70°C, with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) exceeding 2 million hours. It also applied technologies to achieve data protection and power loss protection. With a capacity ranging from 960GB to 7.98TB, this series is particularly suitable for a large amount of storage needs, which is the exclusive solution provided by YANSEN for in-vehicle, rail transit, and surveillance. To be more specific, this SSD can be applied to various mobile transportation vehicles fields such as passenger transportation, logistics, and freight transportation, law enforcement vehicles, high-speed trains, ships, as well as urban rail transit (AFC: Automatic Fare Collection, ISCS: Integrated Supervisory Control System, PIS: Passenger Information System and Roadside Monitoring System).


As a classic product held by YANSEN, to upgrade stability and durability, mSATA is now equipped with SATA3.2 interface and 3D NAND Flash(SLC/PSLC/MLC/TLC). The operating temperature range of mSATA now is -20°C to 75°C. With the rapid development in the field of automation and internet connection, the industrial demand for high-performance storage products has greatly increased, and mSATA provides diverse highly reliable solutions.

The upgraded and improved mSATA products from YANSEN have shown significant improvements in stability, reliability, and compatibility. Faced with increasingly complex demanding environments, YANSEN’s solutions can better overcome potential difficulties, such as high humidity, extreme high and low temperatures, vibrations, and so on. This also allows YANSEN to provide customers with more reliable choices.

Technology Trend Outlook

One of the future directions conveyed by EW24 is that in the realm of embedded technology, the future holds a promising landscape defined by increasingly interconnected systems, intelligent devices, and pervasive computing. With the increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, embedded systems are poised to become even more extensive, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives.

Advancements in miniaturization, energy efficiency, and processing power will continue to drive innovation, enabling the development of smarter and more autonomous devices. Moreover, the convergence of embedded systems with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain promises to unlock new possibilities across industries, from healthcare and transportation to manufacturing and agriculture.

As we venture into this future, collaboration between people and technologies along with a focus on security and sustainability, will be crucial in shaping a connected world that is both efficient and resilient.

YANSEN is poised to thrive in the future of embedded technology by embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and prioritizing security and sustainability. Through a commitment to advancing interconnected systems, intelligent devices, and cutting-edge technologies, YANSEN is well-positioned and well-prepared to serve our customers with more satisfying products.

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