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Approval for PCI-SIG Association

KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has recently received approval for its application to join the PCI-SIG association, officially marking its entrance as a new member.

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PCI-SIG, or Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group, is a renowned community that plays a pivotal role in defining and maintaining industry standards for PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) and PCIe (PCI Express) technologies. With over 900 leading companies globally as its members, PCI-SIG fosters collaboration among industry leaders for the advancement of I/O data transfer specifications. In the latter half of 1991, Intel Corporation, in collaboration with over 100 companies including IBM, Compaq, AST, HP, and DEC, laid the foundation for the PCI Group. This community owns and manages the open industry standard—PCI specification, focusing on the development and upkeep of standardized specifications for I/O data transfer of peripheral components.

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YANSEN’s R&D team renowned for its industrial grade SSD solutions ensures that every product adheres to the official PCIe protocol specifications, maintaining rigorous control over product quality.

By becoming a member of the PCI-SIG association, KingSpec opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. This includes staying abreast of the latest PCI technology developments, active participation in PCI technology standard workshops, contributing to specification revisions and supplements, receiving dedicated PCI technical support, and accessing a wealth of documentation and materials. Attaining membership in the PCI-SIG association is a significant milestone for YANSEN R&D team, poised to catalyze the growth of its PCIe business. This strategic move will not only provide access to cutting-edge technological developments but will also position the company for sustained progress and innovation in the dynamic landscape of technological research and development.

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