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Unleash the Power of Industrial CF Cards with YANSEN

As a leading provider of storage solutions, YANSEN takes pride in introducing our industrial CF cards. Designed specifically for industrial applications, these purpose-built storage solutions cater to the unique demands of rugged environments. In this article, we will showcase the key features and benefits of our industrial CF cards, solidifying our position as a trusted brand in the industrial CF card market.

YANSEN: Your Trusted Industrial CF Card Solution

When it comes to industrial CF cards, YANSEN stands out as a reliable and trusted brand. Our industrial CF cards are engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions, making them the ideal choice for industrial applications. With YANSEN, you can expect high-quality, durable, and reliable storage solutions designed to meet the specific needs of industrial environments.

YANSEN YSCF6-XXX CF Card: Purpose-Built for Industrial Applications

The YANSEN YSCF6-XXX CF Card is a purpose-built high-capacity storage solution designed to cater to the unique demands of industrial applications. With a 50-pin form factor and an ATA/ATAPI-7 interface, these CF cards are compatible with a wide range of industrial devices, delivering seamless integration and reliable performance.

High-Capacity Storage and MLC NAND Flash Memory

Our industrial CF cards are available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 128GB, ensuring ample storage space for industrial applications. These cards utilize MLC NAND flash memory, providing robust performance, enhanced endurance, and long-term reliability. With YANSEN industrial CF cards, you can trust that your critical data will be securely stored and readily accessible.

Rugged and Reliable for Harsh Environments

YANSEN industrial CF cards are built to withstand the challenges of harsh environments. They are resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and humidity, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Whether it’s in industrial automation, surveillance systems, or embedded devices, our CF cards provide the durability and reliability necessary for uninterrupted operation.


YANSEN empowers industrial applications with our high-quality and purpose-built industrial CF cards. The YANSEN YSCF6-XXX CF Card, with its 50-pin form factor and ATA/ATAPI-7 interface, offers seamless compatibility and reliable performance. With high-capacity storage options and MLC NAND flash memory, our industrial CF cards provide robust performance and long-term reliability. Trust in YANSEN to deliver rugged and reliable storage solutions designed to meet the unique demands of industrial environments. Elevate your industrial applications with YANSEN’s industrial CF cards and experience unmatched durability, performance, and data integrity.

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