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YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM Modules: Unleashing High-Speed Performance and Reliability

When it comes to high-speed performance and reliable data transfer, YANSEN‘s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules stand out as exceptional solutions. These modules utilize DDR architecture, enabling faster data access and processing. With their efficient data transfer capabilities and gold contact fingers for enhanced connectivity, YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules offer a powerful combination of speed, reliability, and performance. In this article, we will explore the advantages of our DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules and how we empower users with high-speed performance and seamless data transfer.

High-Speed Performance with DDR3 Architecture

YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules leverage DDR architecture to achieve outstanding speed and performance. The 8n-prefetch architecture and efficient data transfer at the I/O pins allow these modules to deliver high-speed operation. By transferring two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins, YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules  unlock a significant boost in data processing capabilities. Whether it’s demanding applications or resource-intensive tasks, these modules ensure swift and efficient data handling.

Reliable and Efficient Data Transfer

YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules are designed for reliable and efficient data transfers. The modules feature a single 8nbit-wide, one-clock-cycle data transfer at the internal DRAM core. This optimized design ensures that data is transferred seamlessly, minimizing latency and maximizing performance. Additionally, with eight corresponding n-bitwide, one-half-clock-cycle data transfers at the I/O pins, these modules provide efficient data transfer rates, enabling users to handle large datasets and complex operations effortlessly.

Gold Contact Fingers for Enhanced Connectivity

YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules are equipped with gold contact fingers on each 204-pin DIMM. These gold contact fingers play a crucial role in enhancing connectivity and overall module performance. Gold is an excellent conductor that offers superior electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. By utilizing gold contact fingers, YANSEN ensures reliable and stable connections between the modules and the system, reducing signal loss and optimizing data transfer efficiency. This results in improved module performance and reliability, even in demanding computing environments.


YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules provide users with high-speed performance, reliable data transfer, and enhanced connectivity. With their DDR architecture, these modules deliver exceptional speed and efficiency, enabling users to handle resource-intensive tasks with ease. The optimized design ensures reliable and seamless data transfers, minimizing latency and maximizing performance. Moreover, the gold contact fingers enhance connectivity, reducing signal loss and improving overall module performance. Experience the power of YANSEN’s DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM modules and unlock a new level of performance and reliability in your computing endeavors.

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